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    Multidimensional Beings and Their Territory


    I have long proclaimed paintings to be the geometry of multi-dimensions. Whenever someone asks why I still paint in this age of advanced media, I always answer that painting is in fact the cutting edge medium. I still believe so.

    When science strives to develop machine and artificial intelligence that function in the same way as humans, I see no reason not to define humans as the cutting edge computers. I see no other machine or computer that can convey human thoughts as intuitively and freely as humans. I thus seek to make the most out of this computer –myself, a human being– that I was born with free of charge.


    I published a book titled Budo Theory with this exhibition. The 64 formal codes and 64 conceptual codes introduced in this book are the specific elements with which to make visible the multi-dimensions of human consciousness. All throughout my painting career, I have been continuously asked what each painting means. This book is my answer to that question.


    The paintings presented at this exhibition serve the purpose of demonstrating how to use the 64 formal codes and conceptual codes. Application of the theory is currently still at its infancy and there is much to be organized. Please understand that the titles for these works naturally could not but be prolix and long.


    The 64 formal codes and conceptual codes are like the DNA codes of the conceptual beings created through the multidimensional behavior of human consciousness. I thus named them multidimensional creatures and multidimensional beings. (I do not distinguish “creature” from “being”.) Human consciousness where these multidimensional beings are born and the plane on which such consciousness is conveyed are obviously their territory that they live in.

    The 64 formal codes are about our direct senses and the 64 conceptual codes are about the relations created by direct senses. These codes are the devices used to reveal the invisible acts of human consciousness in a visible world. Such visual exposure follows the intrinsic logic system of the unconscious domain that lies at the far side of human consciousness.


    As there is no way of perceiving a non-existence, it is wrong to understand the unconsciousness as non-existing-consciousness. Rather, the unconsciousness refers to a state of existence where our consciousness has not reached yet.


    A great misunderstanding about unconsciousness is evident in the general association of unconsciousness with chaos. For me, it is awkward to directly connect the unconsciousness with chaos. As far as I have observed, human unconsciousness has a very elaborate system of logic to which it operates accordingly. It seems that our consciousness cannot comprehend such elaboration and conveniently mistakes the world of unconsciousness for that of chaos.


    As human consciousness ceaselessly flows, the unconsciousness endlessly moves. It moves along with our conscious acts. As our own consciousness is the subject of this endless movement, the world of unconsciousness that we cannot perceive moves along each of our own conscious acts, and such movement itself is the unfolding process of the unconsciousness’s logic system. In other words, the system of logic inherent in the unconsciousness endlessly analyzes the conscious operations and expresses the result of its analysis to the outside. The eyes of the unconsciousness inside each of us could be the Big Brother that George Orwell had portrayed in his 1984; that is, we could be our own watchdogs. The unconsciousness’ grand system of logic is also the common consciousness that we all share underneath the various personalities. The logic system of the unconsciousness that affects each of our consciousness is universal, but each of our conscious operation comprehends and adopts the system in different ways. Thus, various phenomena occur in this world.


    The logic system of the unconsciousness takes in information from the consciousness and analyzes the information in patterns. In short, the unconsciousness is a never-ending pattern manufacturer. The Budo theory explains how to read the logic of patterns inherent in human unconsciousness. The painting is the medium that conveys this unceasing movement of logic from a visual aspect.


    I see paintings as a programmed system of language. I consider paintings as the expression of a specific state of human consciousness programmed through 64 formal and conceptual codes. Such paintings operate by resonating with the viewer’s consciousness. The result of such operation would surely be different for each viewer. I will talk about the effects of such results on each individual at yet another time.


    Fantasy of looking into a multidimensional world,

    the very first multidimensional creature

    2012-2014, Oil on canvas, 100x100cm

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